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This website has been created by a small team who believe that the best interest of local people is not serviced properly by those we rely on to look after us.

There are too many anomalies that beggar the question “why”.

This is your opportunity to put your views forward so that the team can put them firmly under the noses of those responsible for the wellbeing of the rate payer and the environment.

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If you would like to respond, please email us at thehaytonguardian@gmail.com


Hayton Resident Writes Concerning Commercial Waste:

 1) As a Hayton Resident I would like to remind other residents that it’s illegal to Burn commercial waste.

2) it should be noted there is a build  up of horse manure at several locations in the village. After heavy rain the equine chemicals swamp our water courses.

3) up to 4 meter high Clay mounds seem to have become a permanent blot on the landscape (Agriculture fields behind 94 Main Street), the construction of these mounds has changed the topography of the land and damaged the natural watercourses.

How can Bassetlaw planning department not questioned  the original planning application,  in allowing the excavation of circa 1500 cubic meters of subsoil/ clay and not ever consider where this material would end up…!

A Local Bird Watcher Writes:

Following a visit along Chainbridge Lane to the IdleValleyNR over the recent  Christmas/New Year period.I was quite alarmed to see so many caravans with Christmas lights flashing and associated disturbance to local wildlife being caused due to the activities taking place and loud music being played on the field adjacent to both the river Idle, Chainbridge Lane and a SSSI Nature Reserve!

I did make brief enquiries at the time but got little help, so hopefully your group can help resolve the ongoing and sadly increasing issues of noise and disturbance to our wildlife from this site to both Hayton/Clayworth common and the adjacent Wildlife Trusts Idle Valley NR SSSI directly associated with the numbers of caravans and people that are all too regularly now misusing  this property with impunity!

NB: I will be sending a copy of this email to Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust regarding this matter, as they are both the adjacent landowners and manager’s of the SSSI Reserve, which is in my opinion being badly effected by this increasing and unwanted disturbance.

Local Resident re Equine Development Writes:

It appears the planning department at BDC  has overlooked the history and heritage of Hayton once again!

 I have attached the archaeology advisory report for the site and from what I can see none of the advisories have been adhered to by the developer.

Currently, the top soil that is being excavated, is then  being transported off site and deposited at the rear of 102 Main Street, land owned by 94 Main Street.

Let’s hope there is no archaeological interest as once again development is taking priority over heritage and it appears there is no one to protect this from BDC.

Here is a copy of the Archaelogical Report re Land at Main Street Hayton:

This site lies in an area of known archaeology. To the rear of the site there are now the
ploughed out remains of ridge and furrow, a former agricultural field system, and along
the frontage we have evidence that there were building platforms and other remains that
suggest that this area was developed possibly in the medieval period.
Any development here, including water pipes and any other infrastructure may disturb
these remains. Given this it is appropriate to ask for this site to undergo some work to
record any potential surviving archaeology.
Recommendation: Prior to any groundworks the developer should be required to
commission a Scheme of Archaeological Works (on the lines of 4.8.1 in the Lincolnshire
Archaeological Handbook (2016)) in accordance with a written scheme of investigation
submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority. This should be
secured by an appropriate condition to enable heritage assets within the site to be
recorded prior to their destruction. Initially I envisage that this would involve monitoring
of all groundworks, with the ability to stop and fully record archaeological features.
‘Local planning authorities should require developers to record and advance
understanding of the significance of any heritage assets to be lost (wholly or in part) in a
manner proportionate to their importance and the impact, and to make this evidence
(and any archive generated) publically accessible.’ Policy 199 National Planning Policy
Framework (2018)’.
An outline of the required work produced by this department which will lay out the details
above, and the specification for the work should be approved by this department prior to
the commencement of works. Please ask the developer to contact this office for further details.

Local Resident Questions ‘Gypsy Corner’ Development:

A local resident asks why what looks like a small town been allowed to develop at Gypsy Corner Smeath Lane when planning permission had been refused by the District Council, do we still have a District Council and if so what are we paying them for.

….Another Concerned Bird Watcher:

I would like to endorse the views of the person who reported on the activities on Hayton Common over the Christmas and New Year period.

Every Bank Holiday Weekend and some other times also, there appears to be a large gathering of caravans and tents assembled just before the river Idle bridge on Chainbridge Lane.

The lagoon there has been called the Conservation Lake but there is very little conservation taking place when these carnivals are taking place. Loud music, canoes and even jet skis are totally inappropriate for a site out in the counrtryside and next door to a nature reserve where beavers have recently been released I am not sure who is responsible for monitoring the above activities but I presume Bassetlaw District Council are fully aware of the situation and if not why not? .

Environmental Impact Assessment?

A number of people have spoken of their concerns about the noise coming from the shooting activities at Hayton Castle Farm and particularly of having their weekends ruined by constant gunfire especially on Sundays.

The activity is advertised on the internet as a Shooting School/Clay Shoot where tuition is offered.

It has been asked, has planning permission been given and has an environmental impact assessment ever been made?

‘Unreasonable Noise’ – From A Concerned Hayton Resident

Is anyone else in this Village tired of listening to barking dogs!! Sitting peacefully in the garden is punctuated by dogs barking, with no intervention from their owners, why???

The problem seems to have escalated in the last couple of years. Why don’t dog owners take responsibility for their dogs and give their neighbours a break, before someone reports them.

The Guardian Asks…..

The Guardian asks why our unelected Parish Council are supporting a retrospective planning application 22/00727/FUL which has been refused and an appeal dismissed, what the hell is going on.

Re Application as above…………..

The Guardian says that following the third refusal of application 22/00727/FUL which was surprisingly supported by our Parish Council, the person who was refused permission (again) has just erected another stable on a newly fenced off piece of land at Scotter Lane.

The arrogance is unbelievable, but this is what is happening in your village.

Doesn’t it make you wonder why they think they can get away with it.